Oil & Fluid Changes

Oil changes are a very important part of keeping your vehicle in working condition. To help you ensure this gets done, Mercedes-Benz has provided an oil change and fluid change schedule and maintaining this schedule will help you prevent issues later on.

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Keeping your hardest working components functioning

  • Engine oil and the other fluids that are checked during a routine maintenance check keep your car running, from transmission to brakes to wheels.
  • Driving power, braking, and the vehicle’s temperature are all regulated by engine oil.
  • Maximum efficiency is only possible by adhering to the scheduled oil and fluid replacement

Benefits of Regular Oil and Fluid Changes

  • Engine oil – The right oil for your vehicle will prolong the durability of your Mercedes-Benz. Oil is the lifeblood of your car, helping to reduce the friction between moving parts and increasing gas mileage. Oil also reduces the probability of overheating.
  • Brake fluid – Your braking systems will function at maximum capacity only if you have clean braking fluid in your system. Your fluid must be changed regularly and according to the factory recommended timetable.
  • Transmission fluid – If your Mercedes-Benz has an automatic transmission, having clean transmission fluid is essential to the smooth functioning of that system.

Our Service Center will help to keep you on schedule with all of your oil and fluid changes. Keep your vehicle in pristine working condition with the help of dedicated auto professionals.

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